meat loafBack in the summer of ’82, me and my friend from Fowey School, Karen Giles, went on a shopping trip. On Saturday afternoons St Austell was the place to be seen for any discerning teenager, as we roamed the high street circling teenagers from Penrice or Poltair (but NEVER talking). Heading straight for the late, great Saffron Records , we rifled through the lealest singles, then went to the Wimpy for a milkshake and to discuss the pressing issues of the day (boys and Kagagoogoo)


When we got back to her place in Kilhallon, we played our precious purchases, and I had bought Meat Loaf’s A Dead Ringer for Love. Whilst playing this and reading through the words in Smash Hits, Karen told me that she and her parents, Sue and Graham, were moving to Fowey to buy a shop. Being a Fowey girl I was delighted to hear this and in the coming weeks I helped them paint what was to become Fowey Fish. I hung out there a lot and to this day this smell of wet fish takes me instantly back to being a teenager.


In the years to come I moved away and Karen got married to Steve. By 2000 she had taken over the shop, turning it into Fowey Fish and Wines, which has been serving locals and tourists alike with top quality fish , caught by her brother Andy over in Looe. And when I returned to Cornwall, in 2011 I was to end up living just across from the shop in Albert Place, boring my husband with tales of how I had painted the shop opposite


Karen was one of the first members of Love Fowey and she’s always been a huge supporter of how to promote our town and of the business community in general.


It is indeed a sad day for Fowey that Fowey Fish and Wine will be no more, While I can understand you might get fed up of having your hands in wet fish all day, we’ll miss you Karen!